23 July 2010


As far as I know, this blog as right about 0 readership right now, but if you're out there and still interested, I am going to be contributing to Caleb's blog from time to time now. Visit at klepner.wordpress.com

24 May 2010

another good one

teaching math

Sometimes I think I might like to teach.

19 May 2010


I'm getting some talks ready for this weekend in Wilmington. I love the process of writing usually and preparing to speak is no less gratifying for me. It forces me to think logically, articulate, and prepare ideas to be received by someone who may not have previously thought about them. My brain is usually all over the place, so it's really good for me to concentrate, synthesize, systematize, and revisit old ideas and thoughts. I only (as usual) that I had more time or less to do previously.

04 May 2010


"My favorite kind of disconcerting art is art that is not immediately disconcerting." -Moby

07 April 2010

required reading

I have read few books that I have enjoyed more that this one. It is really my first foray into biography.